Furnace pilot light

My family all thought I was destined to be a hermit, after a few years I even got to thinking that too! It was a family joke for us, especially while during the holidays that naturally I would be home and no doubt I would be able get home early and help out with prepping because where else would I have to be? The five of us laughed although I wasn’t going start apologizing for a set of high standards, and our parents had some grandchildren from my brother and sister and so at least the pressure was off of me. My high standards for dating totally paid off one Thanksgiving. I met my now partner one snowy day when our oil furnace had shut down in the middle of a cold snap. When I called the HVAC company they already had a specialist servicing another HVAC in the city and so Bobby was able to get over to our home with great haste. And thank goodness he did, since it was only 24 degrees outside and the stove would only heat the old home so much. It was a simple repair, just the pilot light had gone out, did I say simple? How about simply embarrassing. Anyways, Bobby was incredibly kind and thoughtful to me, and not only did he help me out but taught me what do if and when it goes out again. So the whole family was blown away that Thanksgiving when I informed them I would be bringing someone to dinner with me. The pressure was on Bobby that entire time, they were pretty nice but my brother couldn’t help but to give my new partner a tough time, yet they all were impressed about his job, and it was obvious where I inherited this complete lack of HVAC knowledge. But more than just being glad and excited for me, the family was impressed when I told them I could now light my own pilot light, and I could help them out of that jam the next time it happened.

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