Air comfort in hotels

I rarely ever get to splurge on business trips like I was accustomed to when I first started working for my advertisement company. Naturally, when the opportunity does work out, it kind of seems like a mini-vacation now. Traveling in general–regardless of the destination–can be a treat, even if it means I’ve got to sit in a stuffy board room for three hours once I arrive and listen to endless conversations on boring topics. Not too long ago, I was excited to hear the news that my boss wanted me to go meet with some new clients across the state. Little did I know at the time, but an awful climate control-based ordeal laid in wait for me. It all began when I got into my car, started to drive, and the air conditioner would not work. My partner and I had owned our car for approximately 10 years and we never had issues with the HVAC system whatsoever. I should have taken this as an omen regarding the unprecedented heating, cooling, and ventilation nightmare that lay ahead. But since I was in a good mood, I just rolled down my window and even turned the vehicle thermostat display off. I arrived a little early, so I checked into my room only to find that it had terrible air quality and was crazy hot. I complained to the front desk, but the lady simply told me to crank the air conditioner up if I wanted it to be cooler and less stuffy. It was time for my meeting, so I just turned on the A/C and left. Nonetheless, the machine proved to be broken as I re-encountered the same conditions upon my return from my meeting.

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