AC repair during last week

I was just about about to wrap up the last classes for my sophomore year in college, and I was super pumped for summertime. I would throw open the windows wide so I could listen to the bluejays as I would write, read, and study. The absolutely lovely weather was fantastic motivation but also cruel at the same time. I would see so many families down at the lake on the drive home and desired so badly to join them, but was too loaded down with books plus kindle, and would be for at least two more weeks. Finals can be dangerous time for me and my attitude — I have what you would call a truly short fuse ready to explode at any moment. So when I came home and found the Heating and A/C van in the driveway I thought about all the ugly and cruel things I was going to say to the parents about scheduling this Heating and A/C routine servicing appointment during finals month when I thought we had all agreed to do it afterwards. Anyways, the guys were not there to make sure the unit was working like normal, the workers were called in to repair the completely broken A/C. The A/C had shut itself down for good; while our dad was skilled at fixing it, the solution eluded him. Turns out, it eluded the Heating and A/C repair techs as well, as it took them numerous nights  to locate and then fix the issue. Three full days of finals month was spent trying to study while in a house with not only no A/C, but also a bunch of strangers banging around in the ceiling and walls spouting off their banter. I experienced a few dangerously delicious visions of plotting out how the next guy who lets the door slam shut was going back home in a body bag. But I kept plowing through, finished my papers, then aced all my exams. It was the hardest finals week I’ve ever endured, I probably wouldn’t have made it through without the industrial sized box fan and all those delightfully murderous thoughts.

ac repair