Thermostat errors

My children are all possessed by this stupid video game.  I can shout at them and I am ignored.  One day I was getting ready to turn it off, when they asked me to play with them.  It is a horrible game that sucks you in with its simulated lifestyle, and I found myself caring more about the simulated life than my real life.   I thought it was a pretty good idea, this simulated life, because I could use the experience for when I face a crisis in my real life.   We recently had a nasty bit of bad luck with our central heating and cooling system.  The AC had stopped throwing any cooling air, and the thermostat was stuck so my furnace was running constantly.  I tried to adjust the thermostat and get it working again, but it wasn’t working.  Then I came up with this brilliant idea.  I was going to go into my virtual world and try fixing the air conditioning problem in the simulated life and then hopefully carry the solution into my real life.  It really made sense, but unfortunately the fix on the game was a series of button combinations.  This wasn’t so with a real life air conditioning problem.  I was determined to try to fix the AC by myself, and I enlisted my children.  I had them searching the virtual ductwork and air filters for an answer.  My kids were beyond upset with me, by this time.  They took the game out and put in the trash.  They made me swear to never touch the game again, and they promised they wouldn’t either if I would just call the HVAC company and have a HVAC technician get our air conditioning up and running.

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