HVAC equipment learning

My grandson is incredibly smart for his age today. He is wanting to attend college next year. He has decided to train to be an HVAC specialist for his interests in AC and heating. And if everything goes as planned he wishes to run a HVAC small corporation in our state. Maybe a big company later for some experience under his belt. You never limit your capability, is what exactly I’ve been told throughout my education. I decided on put some things in his room which were cluttering the family room. and I noticed he had all these pamphlets and books on HVAC units, parts, and companies. He’s planning on interning with this small company outside from where he lives right now. It sounds like he may be serious which surprised me. When he came home the air condition was not working properly as it was so hot. So, with his limited knowledge he began to investigate. After checking out minor problems he knew about it still wasn’t functioning. We called our local HVAC technician and he arrived on the scene the next morning early. My grandson met the HVAC technician and discussed the challenge he considered. They decided to work together for a little teaching lesson as an intern. My grandson was pretty experienced in many of the parts but not really knowing considerably about how to replace those same parts. The HVAC technician did the work and my grandson watched closely. After the problem was predetermined by the technician he asked my grandson about a future at the HVAC company, to come speak with his boss about helping and practical learning. The following day that’s what my grandson did after breakfast. To his surprise the technician who has been at the house was the owner. He received some free advice, if you own a business you ought to be willing to substitute and show for all jobs, .boss or not.

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