Humidity and asthma

I am so glad that I am no longer bothered with asthma, but it was horrible when I was younger.  I was always a pale, and puny little boy, who was always carrying an inhaler.  I couldn’t really be outside for long, because the air conditions would just make the wheezing even worse.  If there was a high pollen count, I wasn’t able to be outside at all, and I wasn’t able to participate in sports like my brothers.  My dad thought I was just afraid of getting hurt, so one year he actually forced me to play baseball.  I was out in the field for about ten minutes when I collapsed.  I was carried off on a stretcher and put in an ambulance.  When I got home from the hospital, my dad had put a ductless mini split air system in my bedroom.  It was a perfect AC unit and my lungs were thankful and I found my childhood becoming better.  I also had a great little heater for when cold spells hit.  I was suddenly popular with the guys because they would all gather in my room to enjoy the heat coming from my ductless mini split unit.   For such a small unit, the ductless mini split had a very strong air filter.  The air purification system is something else, because it is so small and so powerful, but it also needs to have the air filters changed more often.  The special air filters cost more, but dad invested in a dozen of them, and I can change the air filter whenever it is necessary.  The ductless mini split system became my favorite possession that year.