Can’t exercise with no AC

If you can take a moment to believe it, there are some people out there who prefer to attend gyms that do not possess air conditioning in any form. They argue that unless your body is warm, you are not acquiring a full and effective workout. They say that sweating is a superior way of letting go of all the “toxins” in the human body and the dead skin cells that are accumulated on your body when you least expect it. They say that if you sweat profusely, and then take long shower, you will feel even more refreshed afterwards, so going to a gym without an air conditioner works better overall. I mean, I get the idea, but if I am already sweating and gross from the heat, how likely am I to get off my butt and go to the gym? And how likely am I to exercise for more than just a few moments at that? Sweating only means we are losing water – it has nothing in regards to burning fat. If the temperature outside is insanely hot, I am going to want to travel to a nice air conditioned facility. If my gym surroundings are air conditioned, than all the far better. I can cool off and get a great workout. Sure I’ll sweat during my workout, but if there’s an A/C vent nearby, I can go cool-down for a moment while I catch my breath and not nearly die in the process from heat. There’s just no argument to a special advantage with excess heat and sweating for me. I don’t believe in that so-called “toxin” argument one bit. That’s why there is a liver in our bodies, so, I think I’ll stay on my nice cool, clean, non-sticky, surroundings conditioned gym.

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