Adoring the cooling system

I believe that HVAC systems may be the greatest invention of all time.  I guess electricity should be there too, because we couldn’t have HVAC without it.  I remember sitting on a porch and trying to catch a breeze, or going to bed, and tossing and turning until I was too tired to notice the heat.  My grandson called the other day and was nearly crying because it was so hot in the house.  He had called his mom and she said she would soon be home, and he should just relaxed and turn on the fans.  He asked me how to turn on the central air conditioning.  I had no idea and told him not to touch the central air conditioner, because his mom had said she was waiting for the HVAC service tech to arrive and change the air filters before it was started.  I told him to put the fan in the window and face it outward to pull the heat out.  He was almost in tears, and all I could do was laugh at him.  My grandson had no clue what to do without air conditioning.  He had never gone without the HVAC and he wasn’t about to figure out how.  I don’t know if he could have survived without the HVAC like we did when I was growing up.  Then I have to wonder, if I could survive without the cooling system, now.  I have grown very fond of the AC, we couldn’t afford back then.  I like coming into a home that is cool in the summer and heated in the winter because of my HVAC.  I like being able to push a button on the thermostat and my climate control automatically kicks in.  The dehumidifier in the air conditioner, has made my life so much easier because of my asthma.  Maybe I’m the one that has been spoiled by AC.  My grandson has never known anything different.  

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