AC and the office space

Today is the most perfect day we have had in a long time.  It is late May, and the temperature finally reached seventy.  We had a few rain storms this morning, but there was sun this afternoon, and it was still gorgeous.  I sat in my office doing some work, and wanted nothing more than to be outside working in the garden with my husband, but I had some important work to finish.  I had to close the office door so that I could hear myself think over my mom’s television, and I began to feel the heat building.  I have no air conditioning or heating in my office.  Normally I just leave my door open and the heat or cool air just drifts on in.  I love my little office, but I didn’t like it so much today because of the need to close the door.  Over lunch, my husband and I were discussing the fact that I need some kind of climate control in the office.  It is only ten by twelve, so it is extremely small, and then you had the furniture and several pieces of electronics, and it builds heat, quickly.  I had told him that I heard about a mini split air conditioning unit, and he did some research.  He found out that all he would need to do was drill a hole, and it practically took care of itself.  Little maintenance makes it a good deal for him.  I think we’ll go shopping next week and look for the unit.  It will be June in a couple of days, and this gorgeous weather won’t last much longer.  We’ll be seeing eighties and I need some air conditioning.

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