The cost of cooling.

In my current hometown, everyone that I know has a central air conditioning system in their home. This reality is in stark contrast to what I was familiar with back in my native land from whence I came. Without question, the reason I immigrated to this land that is so plentiful in resources and opportunity was to make a better life for myself and my family. Among the benefits that I’ve quickly grown accustomed to is the concept of air conditioning. Back in my home country, we don’t have such a commodity. Never one to forget where I’ve come from, I took it upon myself to do some research into the benefits of this “air conditioning,” specifically, what the positives and negatives of it are. Unable to obtain a library card to check out books or a computer pass to access the local’s learning facility’s internet, I chose to stop by a local air conditioning shop–one that reportedly specializes it what they call the “Big Three”–basic ventilation and heating as well as cooling. Upon doing so, I found the office workers in the shop to be fairly friendly, ready and willing to assist and educate even a mere, measly, interested mind like mine. The first thing they made me aware of was that air conditioner is a good thing. While that was a no-brainer to me, they further explained that ever since A/C became popular within this country, its existence has lowered the amount of heat-related deaths by an incredible 80 percent. UNBELIEVABLE! On the contrary, the HVAC folks also explained that studies have shown that while cooling has saved so many lives since its introduction, it has also altered (i.e., lowered) we, air conditioner-exposed humans,’ natural level of tolerance for heat. Apparently, you can’t have everything.

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