. No A/C at the dentist-

My visit to the dentist last week was terrible. I hate going there because I don’t like people messing with my mouth. These visits are always such a bother, and I only go because I know that I have to keep my teeth in good shape. Last week was especially terrible because the HVAC unit was not working at the dentist’s office.  As soon as I walk through the front door I realized that it was stuffy and muggy. I asked the front desk clerk to adjust the thermostat, but all she could tell me was that the air conditioner was not working at the moment. After a few minutes of waiting I began sweating, and I could tell the others in the lobby were all so uncomfortable. Pen Air Conditioner is a crucial part of running a business. There is no way to keep customers content if they are forced to wait in hot and stuffy areas. After an hour the dental hygienist called me back from my appointment. having them clean my teeth while I sat sweaty in the chair was miserable. I know it was not the fault of the hygienist but I was getting impatient with her. When the dentist finally came in I gave him a piece of my mind. I told him that he should have the HVAC system fixed as soon as possible because it was not fair to force me to wait in the heat. He apologized and assured me that they had already called an HVAC company to schedule a repair. This whole experience really left a foul taste in my mouth.

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