Moving for an new HVAC unit-

I live in one of the coldest areas of the country. Every year we get inches in inches of snow, and I spend all my free time shoveling my driveway. It has become a burden in some ways even though I do enjoy winter. One thing that has me considering a move is the fact that my house has an old outdated furnace. The furnaces noisy, it uses a lot of electricity, and it takes forever for it to warm my home. I would much prefer to live in a house with a modern HVAC system so that I could simply adjust the thermostat and be warm in a matter of a few minutes. After Consulting an HVAC company I learned that the cost of installing a new HVAC system would be so high that I would be able to make a down payment on a newer home. In my mind it makes sense to move a little further south so that I could have four distinct seasons and a modern HVAC system. From what I know these are standard in all of the houses in the Southeast region. I know that it can get hot and humid down there but that’s something I’m willing to deal with. The ability to turn on my heater and relax beneath the air vents without having to hear loud banging noises or run up my utility bill is attractive.In some ways I know that moving because I’m not satisfied with my furnace is absurd, but I have nothing to lose, nor do I have family in this area.

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