Camp Cabins and A/C units-

When I was a kid I went to summer camp every single year. My parents made sure that I went because they wanted me to have a chance to explore nature and meet people. I enjoyed those summer so much that when I turned eighteen I started working as a camp counselor. I am now twentythree and I still work a summer camp for a few weeks each year. I appreciate every moment of my job except living without an Heating and Air Conditioning system. The cottages the staff member stay in our cool. They have basic amenities, but there is no Heating and Air Conditioning systems in any of the units. Someone who is used to running the air conditioner all night long while they sleep, this easily makes me uncomfortable. I know that going to Camp is putting yourself outside of your comfort zone. I don’t think a new air conditioner is much to ask for. As a kid this didn’t bother me. I didn’t even realize that the cottages didn’t have air conditioners until I was an adult. I know when you are a kid you can tolerate the Heat longer. Now I’ve grown accustomed to spending my days hot and coming home to adjust the control component to whatever I would like in my house. I am considering ending my summer job because of this. I appreciate being outdoors and working with the kids. Living in a space that does not have temperature control is deranged to me.

HVAC worker