A cabin and a new air conditioner

My sister lives in an outdated cottage that she built with our granddad. It’s a project that they worked on for about four years before it was complete. When our granddad passed away he left it to our sister. She has now been living there for about a year. It’s a great space in the middle of the woods, although I don’t know how she does it. The locale has electricity and plumbing, it does not have new appliances. There is not an Heating and Air Conditioning system in the cottage. I recently asked her if she had considered installing a new heating and cooling system. She told me that it would require too much work to install all of the duct work at this point. I wanted to help her out so I did a little bit of research. I found that a ductless mini split air conditioner would be a great option for her. These are easy to install, relatively affordable, and they are powerful enough to heat and cool good-sized areas. I asked an Heating and Air Conditioning contractor if these were dependable and they assured me that they would work well for years to come. I hope that my sister looks into this. I dislike the thought of her living anywhere that is totally uncomfortable all of the time. She’s different than I am however there are still limits to how much someone can take. I know for a fact that I wouldn’t be able to spend more than a couple of days in a locale that didn’t have temperature control technology. All of our camping trips have turned into misadventures, so I know better than to even try this.

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