The costs with HVAC technology

When you’re in the process of looking to have any sort of repair done it’s best to find a dealer that is upfront plus honorable when it comes to all of their charges plus fees before they begin. However, you usually don’t guess if a dealer is really like this until it’s too late plus they end up slamming you with expenses they never mentioned beforehand. My recent AC inspection was very similar. I had been told that some Heating and A/C companies will charge you a large sum simply to come and simply inspect your Heating and A/C unit without doing anything for the repairs. I kept this in mind while I was in the process of comparing Heating and A/C companies in my area when I started having complications with regard to my AC. I mentioned to a couple sites that I was looking for quotes on what I could typically expect before settling on a particular  dealer for the AC repair. Several gave me rather roundabout, general estimates based on what knowledge I could supply them over the cellphone but a single company actually mentioned they could come out plus take a look at my AC before giving a quote. I had already made sure that I told them I was trying to find my most cost-efficient option, so I agreed thinking they they were offering a customary inspection. Their Heating and A/C serviceman arrived plus after just about half an hour informed me that the inspection fee for his visit was going to be a hundred and twenty dollars. And that was even before any costs were added to absolutely fix my unit! I was really annoyed but I paid them. I ended up going with another company to solve my HVAC problem, though.