HVAC hidden fees

When you’re looking to have any sort of service done it’s best to find a company that is upfront and honest about all of their charges and fees before they begin. However, you usually don’t know if a company isn’t like this until it’s too late and they end up slamming you with expenses they never mentioned before. My recent AC inspection was like this. I’d been told before that some HVAC companies will charge you a large sum simply to come and inspect your HVAC equipment without doing anything for the repairs. I kept this in mind when comparing HVAC companies in my area when I started having issues with my AC. I mentioned to a couple places that I was looking for quotes on what I could expect before settling on a particular company for the AC repair. Several gave me general estimates based on what knowledge I could give them over the phone but one mentioned they could come out and take a look at my AC before giving a quote. I had already told them I was trying to find my most cost-efficient option, so I agreed thinking they respected that and that they were offering a customary inspection. Their HVAC technician arrived and after half an hour informed me that the inspection fee for his visit was going to be $100. And that was even before any costs were added to actually fix my unit! I was angry but had to pay, but informed the technician I would be going with another company to fix the problems. When I then asked for the results of his inspection he refused to tell me what was wrong, leading me to have to pay another one of  HVAC companies for their own inspection. But at least the second company was very open about all of their fees and I had a pleasant experience working with them.

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