Extra HVAC fees

Whenever you’re looking to have any sort of service done it’s best to find a business that is upfront about all of their various charges plus fees before they begin. However, you usually don’t guess that a business isn’t like this until it’s too late plus they end up slamming you with expenses and hidden fees that they never mentioned before. My recent AC inspection was like this. I’d been told time and time again that some HVAC companies will charge you a sizable sum simply to come plus inspect your various HVAC components separate from doing anything for the repairs. I kept this in mind when comparing HVAC companies when I first started having some of these problems with our AC. I mentioned to a couple places that I was looking for quotes so that I knew what I could expect before settling on a particular local business for the AC repair. Several gave myself and others general estimates that seemed to be based on what knowledge I could give them however a single company actually mentioned they could come out plus take a look at our AC before giving a quote. I had already been clear when I told them honestly that I was trying to find our most cost-efficient option, so I agreed thinking. After they came over however I was told that their inspection fee was a hundred bucks. And that was even before any costs were added to definitely service our unit! I was angry but of course I had to pay, however I did manage to inform the serviceman I would be going with another business to service the troubles. When I then briskly asked for the results of the overall inspection he refused to tell myself and others what was wrong, leading myself and others to have to go ahead and pay another a single of  HVAC companies for their own inspection. But at least that final business was genuinely open about all of their fees plus I had a pleasant experience working with them in the long run.

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