Are you watching your air quality?

My family and I are now living the southeast region of north america. We’re used to humidity, precipitation and a large amount of moisture. It comes with the location; hot and humid days are the norm for the summer around here. This past year however, things have been different. I found out yesterday that my area is under a fire watch thanks to abnormally low rainfall. We’ve not been getting as much rain as we normally do. We had an extremely dry fall and winter now it’s late spring and it’s dry as ever. We had a red flag warning not long ago, which I found out can also be a fire warning. There seemed to be a fire to the north of us. The skies were yellow-grey and thick with smoke. My plants have bits of dust and ash on them and there is debris floating in the air. I stepped outside and could not breathe. I also suffer from asthma and allergies. I have an air purification system fitted that helps clean, and purify the air indoors. I’m also using my AC despite the fact that it’s not really that warm yet. I just want the air filtered and cleaned. It’s worse in midday which means that that’s when my central air conditioning and air purifier really get put to my test. I run the air conditioning fan for hours. I have some floor fans going too, so I can really keep the air circulating inside the home. Even with my HVAC system going, my air purifier humming and the fans moving the air around inside the house, I still am having an asthma flare up. I just hope it rains soon.

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