Heating system service

The saying goes “cold hands, warm heart” but I surely wish I had a cold heart so my hands and feet wouldn’t be so freezing cold all the time. The problem is medical, I have discovered, and that I have poor circulation in my extremities. This makes my fingers and toes extremely delicate when it comes to cold temps. And it isn’t just an inconvenience, either, it’s a very important health issue. During the winters, I am more vulnerable to frostbite and cold tissue damage than most people. So I cannot afford to face winter unprepared, and I make sure to have my HVAC heating system inspected prior to every winter. I rely very much on having a powerful central heating system that I can depend on, because during the depths of winter I am trapped inside with the heating. Going outside at all in dangerous for me when the temperature dips below zero, so I need to stay close to my furnace for weeks on end! I have spoken personally with the owner of the local HVAC installation business. He maintains my yearly furnace service plan, but he also is aware of my personal situation. He actually gave me his personal phone number, so if I have an after-hours heating emergency, I can call him. But I have to prepare for every contingency, so I also have an electric space heater in case the HVAC dies. And then in addition I have a gas furnace and an oil heater, just in case I lose electricity entirely, I still won’t freeze.

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