Found that the AC was broken

Prom night is such an important night in the life of a high school student. Maybe for grown ups it seems a bit silly, but for teenagers on the cusp of adulthood it can be a night they never forget, or one they wish they could forget! My daughter just went to her prom, and the night was almost a complete disaster. It started with a ride in a limo with her date, which went just fine. They went out for a seafood dinner, and then went to dance itself. It was a very hot night, very humid, and when they arrived they found the air conditioner was broken. This wasn’t just bad news for my daughter, but for everyone at the dance because we all relief on A/C on night like this. Of course, normally everyone wants to stay nice and cool, but on a fancy night of wearing dresses and suits, with fresh hairstyles and makeup, you really have to have air conditioning to maintain your appearance. Makeup just slides right off a sweaty face, so trying to hold a dance in a venue with no central cooling system was no doubt one of the world’s all time worst ideas. My daughter, her date, and a few of their friends piled back into the limo and drove around for an hour enjoying the car’s deluxe air conditioning system. While they drove around, the school called in an HVAC service and repair company, who sent out a technician to inspect the cooling equipment and get the dance cooled off once more.

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