Afterwork Heat

Growing up I thought my bedroom was the best room in the whole house. My parents have a tri-story home located on five acres in a quaint southern town. My room covered the entire top floor of this home and provided the best view of our beautiful country property. As a child, I cannot think of a single moment I felt uncomfortable in my bedroom. Fast forward after college…I have moved back into our family home while I start my career. I can not believe how hot it is up in my old room! It feels like I am stepping into an active volcano, as I walk up the staircase. About halfway up or down the stairs, you can feel at least a twenty degree temperature difference, not to mention the stuffy humidity. I keep my windows closed, trying to block the hot sunlight and keep the room as cool as possible. This helped in the spring temperatures, but the heat of summer is beyond me ever finding comfort up there. I have taken to sleeping on the couch downstairs, where the air conditioning is working fine and the room is cool and comfortable. My parents continuously fuss at me for not being in my room. I have explained to them my need for an air conditioner upstairs. I think if they slept just one night in that heat, I would have an air conditioner the following day. I will get my first paycheck tomorrow. My first purchase as a college graduate will be a portable air conditioner for my bedroom.

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