HVAC repair done by me

I am single mom of three kids. I am busy with the kids constantly and on top of that, I work full time from home. I barely have time to myself and all of my family live out of state so I can’t rely on them except for the rare visit. Things are very hard sometimes and especially when something in the house breaks unexpectedly. When the furnace started making loud noises a few weeks ago, I ignored the problem, hoping it would simply subside at some point. Boy was I wrong. About a month after the noise started, our furnace started blowing cold air. The air filter was pretty new, so I knew it wasn’t the problem. I tried to adjust the thermostat as well as ran tests on our air filter before calling the Heating as well as Air Conditioning mechanic. Everything looked clean to me. I turned on the heating setting, hot air blew through the vents.The opposite happened when I turned on the air conditioner. It blew out a bit of warmer air. I was so confused. I can’t really afford an HVAC repair, but my children need to be warm in the winter. I can’t stand to see them suffer. I called an HVAC contractor and when the guy finally came, he instantly knew what the problem was. He opened the thermostat to find that the wiring had been crossed oddly and that it was causing some issues. He fixed it in just a few minutes and we had our furnace back again. And since he saw I was home with three children by myself, he only charged me a nominal fee for the furnace repair. I really lucked out!

HVAC repair