Eating in a place with no cooling

The woman actually ate small piece of pie, in addition to drank a cup of coffee. She came into the diner every single day just before dawn, in addition to consistently ordered the same thing. She did not seem to completely love the pie, no matter what kind of pie it was, although she consistently ate every single little bite. She would sit there, alone in addition to quietly, for about an hour or so. She would then thank the waitress in addition to leave. After a few afternoons, the staff all got used to this behavior. No one even minded that she didn’t tip. She consistently sat in the same booth, just underneath the primary central air vent. Every day she entered, then sat in addition to soaked up that attractive cooling system as she ate and drank her pie and coffee, respectively. After just a few weeks, almost everyone figured out that she wasn’t coming for the food, just for the lovely cooling system. As warm as it had been that year, who could blame her for wanting to enjoy some cooling? One day she came in for her pie in addition to found that the HVAC had broken down. The diner was overheated, however she still sat there and ate her pie while she calmly watched as the AC contractor worked on the system. The central HVAC unit was in rather great shape, in addition to it seemed that all the HVAC duct was clear in addition to properly and effectively sealed. Finally the woman spoke up; she asked if the repairman had checked the diner’s thermostat. It turns out the woman had been an actual HVAC service service technician for several years, however she simply didn’t want to invest in a cooling system in her home.

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