Working out and heating

I decided that I want to start losing weight and getting in shape for the summer season. I bought a ton of things that I’ll need in order to get through the diet. I found some superb smoothie recipes that promise to boost energy, improve my health, plus make my metabolism work faster. I began by blending spinach, bananas, plus guava with chia seeds. I also like to use kale as a substitute for the spinach. I really like my fruits plus vegetables, although I never considering blending them up together with some cold water. I also never realized that boosting your metabolism makes your body feel like a furnace running in overdrive. However, when I sat the table one morning drinking my smoothie, I started feeling all warm and flushed. It felt like someone turned on the heater. I evaluated the control unit, but it said that the house was seventy six degrees. There was actually no heat coming from any of my air vents. I evaluated my body temperature, thinking that I had a fever. When I saw that my temperature was fine, I switched my portable fan on. When my wife got home from work that day, she noticed that I had all our ceiling fans on high. I also had my personal fan pointing directly on me. She also realized that I turned the thermostat down to sixty degrees, and commented on how cold the house felt. I sat there drinking my smoothie snack, covered in sweat. I was trying to stay cool. My wife commented on the metabolism boost that I was experiencing, plus turned my fan on high, but made me turn the thermostat back down to seventy six degrees.

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