First date and no air conditioning

Today I was finally getting back on the dating scene. Little did the woman know, it was the first date for me in about three years.I was so nervous as I drove to the restaurant to meet her. I could feel my palms, my armpits, and my forehead sweating. I had to blast the air conditioning in the car to slow this process down and was glad I had decided to bring my cologne with me in the car. I arrived at the valet, gave two final sprays, and headed for the door. I went to get a table and wait. I could feel my body continuing to seat. It was getting worse and worse as I waited and I could feel my armpit sweat dripping onto my shirt.  I wondered if the air conditioning was even working. I looked around me and didn’t notice anyone else sweating. What could I do? Sit there and sweat or somehow ask the restaurant if they wouldn’t mind accommodating one person. I sat there and found myself getting upset. I thought resturants always stayed really cold. I don’t remember ever feeling this hot. I could even see the vents up above me . I didn’t have much time so I just went for it. I told the waiter about the sweat and the nerves and hoped for sympathy. He said he would see what he could do about the air conditioning. Minutes later, he returned saying he had told his boss I had a health condition that was being affected by the lack of air conditioning in the restaurant. I could feel the cooler air conditioning coming down moments later and was so grateful he had done this for me.

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