Bakery air quality

My loved ones have run the local bakery for over forty years. My grandmother bought the building back in the fifties, and it has been a family occupation ever since. My grandma still works for the bakery, but she tends to greet more customers these days. My mother has taken over the cookies and pastries, and my sister likes to handle the business aspect. She has a legion of young adults that she hires to work the register and stock the display units, and she keeps a tough eye on our budget. I make the bread. I also recently convinced my sister that we needed to buy a heating and cooling upgrade. Our old furnace and even older air conditioning system were pretty much as old as the store itself! She finally relented and we visited our local heating and cooling company. We asked for their expert opinions to help us select a new heating and cooling system for our little bakery. We ended up ultimately getting a great new energy efficient furnace and an amazing air conditioner. The HVAC technician who served us also convinced us to purchase zone controlled heating and cooling, so that we could keep customers comfortable in the main section of the shop while simultaneously keeping the cooling system running in the back where my mother and I labor over the hot ovens. I think that this new HVAC setup is likely to keep us in business for at a minimum, forty more years!

air quality