My partner wants good IAQ

My boyfriend Jax went crazy cleaning around our house. I do not know what caused it. At first, he was just trying to fix up the vacuum cleaner I damaged. Then, Jax decided he would clean the curtains plus carpets. He was appalled at the quantities of dust plus dirt that was trapped in our house. On a mission to wash up the home, Jax decided to change our air filters plus clean our a/c ductwork. When Jax realized how disgusting the a/c plan was, Jax decided to call in the HVAC technicians. Jax called up a nearby Heating plus Air Conditioning repair provider to come out plus scrub out our air ducts plus to get some helpful hints on how to stop up the amount of dust, pollen plus gross items in the home. After the Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist arrived, Jax was all over him with questions about free-standing UV air purifiers plus dehumidifiers. Jax said that he was in a mindset to buy a quality media air cleaner from the company this day. The Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist told him that the Heating plus Air Conditioning company can’t sell those UV air purifiers, but that they would be able to put in one for about the same cost. Jax was in nirvana over this. Jax then took the next appointment for Heating plus Air Conditioning installation plus looked on the web on how to care for an UV air purifier. I am happy that both of us had such an ideal plus intelligent Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist to work with us. I just wish Jax would calm down with all the cleaning.

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