Air Purification System

Last month, my husband went on a crazy cleaning kick. It came out of nowhere. At first, he was just trying to repair the vacuum cleaner. Then, he decided he would clean the carpets and furniture. He was appalled at the amount of dust and dirt that was trapped in our house. On a mission to purify the home, he decided to change our air filters and clean our air conditioning vents. When he realized how filthy the air conditioning system was, he decided to call in the professionals. He called up a local HVAC service provider to come out and clean our air ducts and to get some tips on how to reduce the amount of dust, pollen and lint in the home. When the HVAC technician arrived, my husband bombarded him with questions about free-standing air purification systems and dehumidifiers. He said that he was determined to buy a quality air purifier from the company today. The HVAC technician told him that the HVAC company didn’t’ sell freestanding air purification systems, but that they would be able to install an air purification system to our air conditioner for about the same cost. My husband was thrilled. He scheduled the next available appointment for HVAC installation and relentlessly researched how to care for an air purification system. I am grateful that we had such a knowledgeable and efficient HVAC technician to assist us. I just wish my husband would calm down with all the cleaning. Now that he is convinced we have clean air, he is talking about installing a whole-home humidifier and a water purification system.

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