Updating a home with an old gas furnace–

My mom refuses to update her house in any fashion. The wood floors are worn, the light fixtures are outdated, and it still has wallpaper from the seventies! She has owned the place since I was a kid, and I do not recall her changing anything about it. I can remember a few times when I offered to help her pick out some new furniture, but she just laughed and told me that she didn’t want to fix what wasn’t broken. The one thing that concerns me the most about her house is the old furnace. It has been there since the house was originally built, and I worry that it is a safety hazard. I am mostly concerned that she may leave something flammable near it, and it will catch on fire. My mom is ageing, so she is less likely to consider these risks during her daily life. Something else that has crossed my mind has been leaks. This, too, could cause a fire, or she could be exposed to carbon monoxide. I think the best thing to do is to have a new central heating and air unit installed. It will be a little costly upfront, but the peace of mind it would give me would make the fees well worth it. Aside from that, it would make her life much easier. She would be able to keep the air at the perfect level. To add to the benefits, she would even be able to have zone control features installed so she could adjust the settings from her own room. I think I am going to call a local HVAC company soon to have them give her an estimate.

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