Air conditioning system in a tent

For the past couple months, the church that I attend has been having monthly services inside of a tent. Our service became too big to fit into our building, so we were forced to employ the tent instead. A tent has many advantages, but it has one significant disadvantage. We in a really hot climate and there is certainly no air conditioning in most tents. We thought that everyone could handle the heat without the air conditioning, but after a little while, we realized that it was impossible. We decided to mount 4 different air conditioning units, one at each corner with the tent, and then install ductwork to run around the roof of the tent. We raised money for the air conditioning units little by little. The first air conditioning unit we were able to install was a used A/C unit that among the list of church members donated. It is much older, but it still released nice cold and crisp air conditioning. We do not have ductwork yet, so we literally just made a hole within the tent roof and attached just one section of ductwork to it so the air conditioning just blew right into the tent. The air conditioning would not distribute well, but it was something! Next, we gathered money for several brand-new air conditioning units and did a similar thing with them. With these several A/C units, the indoor climate within the tent was cool, even on terrible hot afternoons. I really hope that we do not get that fourth A/C unit because then it is going to be too chilly!