Waiting to take out window cooling

I truly feel that the moderate air of summer season is already sneaking in & already I am planning for the devious Winter.  I know that many long weeks from now, a chill is going to be hovering in the air, & I’ll be doing the same thing I am doing right now, however i will be doing it all in reverse.  I am putting in the a/csso the two of us can shut down the oil furnace, & go right ahead and prepare for the new Heating & Air Conditioning setup which is being installed over the course of the summer season.    Both of us are going to have some really climate control, & I especially look forward to the air purification because I hate to dust.  The Heating & Air Conditioning corporation and professional installer said that my dusting would be cut down by about ninety percent & that was a green light for me.  For now I’ve just got to put in the old window air conditioning units & make sure that the filters are all extremely clean & the blades need to be wiped from the grime they have collected over the course of the last couple of weeks.  Come colder weather, I will be removing the a/cs & sealing my windows so that we can keep the cold out.  The important difference will be that I won’t need to bother to prep them for use next year.  I will have my very own brand new Heating & Air Conditioning idea in place & finally I will have the warmth that I have dreamed of for the last year or so.  The air purification will easily solve most of my serious dusting woes, & the climate control will of course eliminate the moisture, as well as keep ice from building up on the inside of all of the windows.  Next summer, I can surely look forward to a lack of humidity in my home, constant hot & cold temperatures, and a lack of dust.  Do I keep saying I truly hate dusting?

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