Relying on window cooling units

I guess the rather hot air of warm season is already sneaking in as well as already I am planning for Wintertime.  I think that many short months from now, a chill is going to be in the air, as well as I’ll be doing the same thing that I just happen to be doing right now, but in reverse.  I am putting in the air conditioners, as well as cleaning the air filters, so we can shut down the oil furnace, as well as prepare for the new HVAC plan which is being hurriedly installed over the warm season.    All of us are going to have climate control, as well as I especially look forward to having a brand new air purification plan because I dislike to dust.  The HVAC company replacement professional installer told all of us that our dusting would be cut by about ninety percent as well as that was a definite encouragement for me.  For now, however, I’ve got to put in the window a/c units as well as make sure the filters are disinfected as well as the blades are sufficiently  wiped from the grime they have collected over the last multiple months.  Come colder weather, I most assuredly will be removing the air conditioners as well as sealing our windows to keep the chilly air totally out.  The large difference will be that I won’t need to prep them for use next year.  I will have our amazing, brand new HVAC plan in locale as well as have the warmth that I have dreamed of for the entire last year.  The air purification will solve most of dusting woes, as well as the climate control, will go ahead and eliminate the moisture, as well as keep ice from building up on the inside of the windows.  Next warm season, I can easily look forward to no humidity in our home, constant temperatures, as well as no dust for any of us.  Do I keep saying I dislike dusting?

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