Window cooling is the way to go

When we made the decision to build an addition onto our home, we were also wondering how we were going to get the HVAC into the area. The addition was attached to the garage, and there were no existing ductwork or air vents. That cut our choices on ways to heat and cool that area of the house. As a last resort, we decided on a window unit that also provides the option to heat or cool.  It is fairly large and will cool the entire area well, and with the window unit having the option to heat, we won’t need to have an extra HVAC source for the small space. The window unit has done its job extremely well, in keeping the humidity under control. It is wonderful for heating and cooling as well. Last week my parents surprised us with a visit and stayed the entire week. They were the first official visitors to our new den and bedroom. My Dad commented that he had slept better in that room, than he ever does at home. The window unit was a good purchase and a great investment. I have been so happy with the results and in the future, I will consider using a window unit if a new source is needed. I never thought the window unit would work so well for the room, but I was extremely happy to be proven wrong. The next job in the home, is going to be to add a bathroom to the new addition, but for now, visitors will just need to use the hall bathroom.

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