Whole house needs heating/cooling

I am getting be one of those women of a certain age group where it changes life. With that basic fact and awareness comes life changes you can’t simply hide. One thing with which has happened that is clear, I now have parents who face it are quite elderly in age. In truth, they really should not be living by themselves anymore as it’s dangerous so my husband and I spoke about this move. They are coming to live in our house now since our older kids have moved onto college and their rooms are open in the house which is really too large anyway for us alone. The only thing is that my mom is always cold in temperature. I go to her house and well as it’s 80 degrees in there and the lady  wears a sweater, I am a bit concerned about the HVAC system and the HVAC settings will need adjusting when the new thermostat arrives. I want them to be comfortable, but I don’t wish to live in a house that could be 80 degrees when I should be able to use the air conditioning in the summer weather as well. So we called an HVAC company to give us some specific advice. The HVAC company representative inspected our current HVAC system and viewed the layout of our home in depth. He was so smart and helpful able to see a couple of HVAC improvements we’re able to make that might help the situation for us all. My husband and I chose to modify our HVAC system to fit HVAC zone control to make everyone more comfortable. HVAC zone control helps you set different areas of your house at different exact temperatures. That way, they can always keep their half of the house thermostat set higher than my own thermostat. I think it will work for us all.