My window AC device

When my father and I decided to add a new section onto our home, we also had to figure out how we were going to get HVAC to the area.  It was being built near the garage, and there were no air vents or ductwork available to the new area.  Our choices were limited, and we decided on a window unit with a heat or cool option. It is a decently sized unit, and it will service the entire area, and because of the heating and cooling settings, it was our best choice.  The window A/C unit has also done a terrific job of ridding the mold spores and the smell of mildew from the new room. It also cooled the new area rather quickly.  Last weekend, my grandparents came for a visit, and decided to stay for a while. They were officially our first regular visitors, and occupants of the new area. Grandpa insisted it was the best night’s sleep he had ever had, and Grandma agreed. The A/C was turning out to be a really great investment. I have been so completely pleased at the way it worked that we would consider using a window unit at any time in the future. I never really thought that the AC unit would work as well as it has, and I am extremely happy to be proved wrong.  Our next big project is going to be adding a bathroom for the new addition, but until that happens, the guests will have use the hall bathroom for their needs.

A/C installation