Looking for window A/C unit

When we decided to build an addition onto our home, we knew that we would have to figure out a way to get heat and air conditioning into the area. Since the addition was off the garage area, there was no existing ductwork or air vents. That limited our choices on different ways to heat and cool that part room of the house. We finally decided on a window A/C unit that has the option to heat or cool the . It is fairly large and will easily cool the entire area well. Since the window A/C unit also had the option to heat as well, we won’t need to worry about an extra appliance for the small space. The window A/C unit has worked very well at keeping the mold and mildew from the room. It also works great as it cools the room. Last weekend my parents decided to visit and stay for a week. They were our first official visitors to a new den and family room. My Mom said that she slept better in that room, than she does in our own room at home. The A/C unit that we had purchased was a great investment. I have been very pleased at the results and would consider using a window A/C unit anytime. I didn’t think the window A/C unit would work well enough for the room, but I was pleasantly happy to be proven wrong. The next step is going to be to add a bathroom to that addition. Right now, guests have to use the hall bathroom.

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