Looking for bedroom cooling

When my husband brought up the idea of a new addition, I instantly began paving the way.  Our only quandary was how to supply and heating and cooling to the selected area.  The addition was going to be off the garage where there wasn’t air vents or existing ductwork.  Our choices were cut to nearly nonexistent, and we decided to try a window unit.  The window unit has a heating and cooling setting, and it was large enough that it would supply heat and cool to the entire addition.  The window air conditioning system eliminated the need for any additional appliances because of its ability to heat and cool.  The window unit also has a built in humidifier and purifier,  and I was amazed at its ability to subdue the mold and scent of mildew in the room.  My sister and her husband showed up unexpectedly last week, and asked if they could stay while their house was being fumigated.  They were the first dwellers in our new addition.    My sister was surprised at how comfortable the new area was, and how she slept and didn’t wake up stuffy.  The air system that we had chosen was turning out to be one of our best additions of the summer.  I was absolutely thrilled and if another unit were needed, I wouldn’t think twice about getting another window unit.  I am glad that my doubts were put to rest about the window air system.  Now I think we need to consider a bathroom so our guests don’t have to use the one in the hallway.

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