AC in the window

When my wife and I decided to put an addition onto our house, we knew that we would need to find a way to get HVAC into the new rooms. Since the addition was added onto the garage, there was HVAC duct or air vents. That cut down on our choices of ways to supply heating and cooling to that part of the house. We finally opted for a window cooling system that had the option cooling and heating. It is a fairly large area that and it required a heavy unit to cool the entire area. Since the window unit covered heating and cooling, we didn’t have the need for further appliances for the space. The window unit worked better than we expected, in keeping mold and mildew out of the room. It also kept the area comfortably cool.  Last weekend my in-laws decided to pay us a visit and stay for several days. They were the first visitors to our new living area. My Father-in-law said that he better rest in that room, than in his own room at his home. The window device that we had installed was a great investment. I have been totally  pleased at its performance and would consider another window system in the future. I didn’t believe the window system would work as as it did, in that room, and I was extremely happy to be proven wrong. Our next project is going to be adding a bathroom in the new addition, but for now, visitors will just need to use the hall bathroom.

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