Saving cash for hydronic heating

Heated floors are a luxury that I have consistently wanted in my home. I have lived in apartments and rental homes my entire life up until more than six years ago when I purchased my first house. When I first met with the realtor, I told her that I needed to find a place that already had radiant heated floors installed, however she was not able to locate any that also fit my price range and location needs. So for the past six years, I have been saving to have the renovation done, and I suppose that I’m finally ready. When I called my Heating and A/C supplier to schedule a visit, they told myself and others about all of the benefits that radiant heated floors would bring. They said that my house would be more evenly heated. I would no longer have to worry about some rooms or areas being more  comfortable than others. They also said that there would be much less dust and dirt circulating through my house. The ductwork in traditional central Heating and A/C systems can harbor a lot of allergens. This would be enjoyable news for my allergy troubles. That’s a benefit I wasn’t even aware I was getting. On top of those things, I also wouldn’t have to deal with the noise that most Heating and A/C systems make. Heated floors are always silent, so that would mean all around better sleep for me, however after hearing about all of these benefits, I was even more sold on the method. Heated floors are going to make myself and others prefer my current home more than I already do.

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