Signs that a HVAC tune up is needed

This year I really haven’t been as fantastic as others when it comes to our oil furnace. What I mean by that is the yearly checkups I usually have been rather busy with our Heating plus Air Conditioning contractor to come & inspect & clean everything have not been fulfilled. I have been on my own for a quite a while now & I am getting fantastic at handling any concerns by myself. With each and every current season I open the air duct vents, clean them down, check inside for dirt as well as an accumulation of debris & I also vacuum if necessary. I do this seasonally as it is a do-it-yourself way of preventing the old air ducts from blowing & cycling through the beach house a variety of harmful toxins & bacteria that can build up inside the vents. I always did that regardless, plus I always change our own air filters. That’s straight-forward. But I know I am somewhat overdue for a visit from the service technician & if I ever doubted it, than the scraping noise that accompanied the sound of the sizzling air being currently blown through the vents this week diagnosed that. The scraping and scratching is only growing more and more serious, as if a ghoul has found her current home anywhere in the ducts. I may have gotten somewhat lax & a bit cocky in our handy-ness, but when I checked the source of the noise myself & saw an unfortunate broken blower wheel rattling around at the bottom of the unit, I knew that it was high time to the Heating plus Air Conditioning specialists. I shut the oil furnace off for the next few afternoons until they could come substitute the fan.

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