HVAC heroics

I’ve had plumbers, welders, everybody you can think of to my home over this past month time. I’ve had leaks everywhere and the water bill has been higher than I can ever imagine. Even during this week, I’ve had problem after problem. I walked into my house one day after work to find that the control component was set to 72. The problem really wasn’t that the control component was set to 72 degrees, as much as the fact that it was reading 76 at the time. I knew something must be wrong, because the HVAC system was still running, but the house was still warm. The air coming from the A/C vents was lukewarm, so I knew something was definitely wrong. It was very late when I arrived home from work, so I had to wait until the following day to contact an HVAC repair technician. When the HVAC crew arrived to my home, they gave me news that was terribly shocking. One of the belts on my mechanical system had frayed through, and we were going to need to replace the belt. The really great news was that the HVAC repair was minor and would be fairly inexpensive. I had set myself up because I was sure that the repair bill would be extremely large. I was so excited when I found out the repair bill would be less than $100, that I decided to treat all of the HVAC crew two pizzas. Now I have my HVAC system tuned up every summer in addition to every winter. That will catch the problem with the belt before it breaks completely next time.

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