Too cheap to run our heater yet

Earlier this summer I moved into a new apartment with my best friend. We both recently graduated college and felt like we wanted to move out of our parent’s houses to rent an apartment of our own. This decision might have been a little ambitious because we just recently got new jobs as well. We don’t have too much money saved and the rent is a little more than what we were hoping for. Still, we love living on our own and being independent with one another. Our next big decision is when we want to turn on our heating system. We have been waiting and struggling through the cold fall days because we didn’t want to turn on the heater just yet. Our electricity bill is manageable but we know that once we turn the gas heater on, our payment will increase dramatically. Every time people come over, they always ask why it is so cold in our apartment. It is a little embarrassing to say that we don’t want to turn the heating system on because we can’t afford it. Though, eventually we are going to have to give in and turn the heat on because we can’t last all winter without a good HVAC unit. We have been asking for advice as to how to keep warm without breaking the bank. A lot of people have said that we don’t need the heat on at all hours of the day. We should select which times we are both home and turn the heater on at these given times. It makes sense because we wouldn’t want to run the heat when we are both at work and not at home to enjoy it.

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