Not using the heater just yet

Earlier during the summer vacation, I decided to move into a current home with my very best friend. Both of us both recently graduated from college, plus felt that the people I was with plus I wanted to move from our parents home. The two of us decided to rent an apartment of her own. The decision to rent an apartment was a bit ambitious, because the people I was with plus myself just got jobs. Both of us had very little money saved plus the rent was a bit higher than what we were hoping. The people I was with plus myself really enjoyed being independent. Our next Crucible decision would come when we decided when was a good idea to turn on a gas furnace. Both of us constantly struggled plus waited for the decision. Both of us knew that our electric bill would definitely raise when we turned on the gas furnace. Our electricity bill was currently manageable, but once we turned on the gas furnace, the bill would definitely increase. Every time we had friends over to the apartment, they would comment on The Frigid environment inside of our apartment. I was a bit embarrassed to tell her friends that we couldn’t afford heat. Both of us have been thinking very hard about turning on the heat lately, because the outdoor temperatures have been in the fifties. It’s very chilly in the evening when we are trying to sleep. I know that turning on the heating system is right around the corner, because I Can barely get out of bed in the morning without freezing to death.

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