Not ready to use heating system yet

Earlier during this particular summer, my best friend as well as myself decided to move into our own apartment. We had both recently graduated from University as well as Folk care that we wanted to transfer into our own home. The decision that we made was a bit ambitious, because we were both starting out on new jobs. Since both of us have very little money, we had to search for a while before finding the right apartment. We absolutely adore being able to live on her own as well as be independent. Our monthly bills are quite manageable, the we are not looking forward to the winter season. Both of us have been struggling with the chilly fall, as well as are not looking forward to using oil furnace. The oil furnace will definitely increase our electric bill by at least 50%. We have been waiting a long time before we turn on that bill. Most of her friends are complaining that our apartment is very cold as well as that we should turn on our heating as well as A/C unit. The two of us have been trying not to break the bank as well as wait to turn on the oil furnace. It makes a lot of sense to wait to turn on the oil furnace, so that we are certain to have the money to be able to afford the bill. The last thing we would want is to have to contact our parents as well as tell them that we can’t afford to live on her own any longer. That would follow with a whole bunch of I told you so.

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