Father is in HVAC

I grew up following in my dad’s footsteps. Anything he did, I would do too. For instance, he loved drinking beer, so I drank with him. He loved hiking mountains, so I joined him. He loved the fall months, so I grew up savoring the fall season. When I needed to pick a college, I applied for a pharmaceutical university, just like my dad. He had been working at our downtown pharmacy for as long as I could recall. To be completely honest, I never thought about what I absolutely wanted before selecting a career path. I’d spent my whole life following in my dad’s footprints. When I told him about following in his footsteps, he seemed really happy and like he was proud of me. I started university that fall, and I did well within my classes. I graduated in the top of my class and applied for a job at the same pharmacy as my dad. After working in that profession for several years, I found myself dreading work. I hated doing the exact same thing all day long. I told one of my friends about this, and she proposed that I come shadow her at work. She worked as a Heating and Air Conditioning specialist within town. After spending one afternoon with her, I fell in love! I loved how each afternoon was very different, and there were numerous paths I could take. I could make house calls, do Heating and Air Conditioning repairs, or just sell Heating and Air Conditioning equipment at the shop. I also loved how the hours were more stretchy as a Heating and Air Conditioning technician. My dad could tell how thrilled I was when working within the Heating and Air Conditioning industry, so he was very proud.

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