Changing career to HVAC

I always grew up following my dad’s footsteps. Anything he did, I did the exact same thing. For example, he loved eating pizza, so I ate pizza with him too. He loved taking long bike rides, so I always joined him. My dad loved the summertime, so I grew up loving summertime too. When it came time for me to go to college, I applied for a pharmaceutical school, just like dad. He always worked at our downtown pharmacy for as long as I could recall. To be completely honest, I never thought about what I legitimately wanted before beginning college. I spent my entire life following dad’s footprints. When I told him that I planned on following his footsteps, he lit up with excitement. I could tell that he was proud of me. I began college plus did well in my classes. I ended up graduating at the top of my major’s class, plus found a career at the same pharmacy as dad. After working at that place for a few years, I found myself dreading going to work. I hated going in day after day, plus doing the exact same thing. I told a nice friend about this, plus she recommended that I come shadow her at work. She worked as a Heating plus Air Conditioning worker downtown. After a single day with her, I fell in love! I loved how each day of hers was different, plus there were many paths I could take down the road. I could participate in house calls, make Heating plus Air Conditioning repairs within the shop, or simply sell Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment. I also adored how the hours were a lot more flexible as a Heating plus Air Conditioning professional.  When I told my dad, he understood and was still proud of me.

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