Barn heated floors at birthday party

My three year old daughter just had a birthday and we threw a party for her. We invited all of the kids from daycare. So we had around 20 little ones running around. We held the party in my father’s barn. For one, anything in the barn can be spilled on and it is okay. Next is the barn is huge and can hold that many people. Lastly, the barn has radiant flooring. My father has heated floors for his barn since all his farm equipment and tools are stored there. He can’t have the snow blow in and freeze everything. Also, getting into a cold tractor is hard on the machine and is very unpleasant. So last year, radiant heating was installed in the barn. I was so excited to have a party with heated floors. We were able to add things to the party we never would have been able to. The parents were able to take off their shoes since the floor is the heating system. We also set up a bubble machine in the barn for the kids. Finally a little kid pool was filled with water in the barn. The kids were able to swim at the party and it is still technically winter! I was so excited that the kids could swim. The radiant flooring warms all things it comes into contact with. The radiant heat was absorbed into the blow up pool, which heats it. The pool is so small too that it was heated instantly. It was a very efficient pool heater and it worked super great.

hydronic heating