Working tables with no ac

I am one of the top waitresses at a cafe over the shore. It is an absolutely terrible job in a great deal of ways. However, I still love it. I like being by the beach and watching the customers being so happy during their own vacations. The worst part of the job is there’s no air conditioning in the entire place. We have tables to sit down both inside and outside and we’ve got ceiling fans as well. The ceiling fans help a great deal, but we really do need some kind of air conditioning. Not long ago, someone passed right out due to the heat. Luckily, I was there to catch her before her head hit a floor. I must admit that having no air conditioning is similar to being in a sauna the entire day. Therefore, I have lost lots of weight since I have ended up waitressing here. But that is not the best way to lose weight. Customers complain sometimes about the lack of air conditioning. Often, I don’t get good tips since people wanted air conditioning and there isn’t any. You would think they would likely give me better tips since i am stuck without air conditioning for eight hours but I reckon that they don’t think about that much. Anyway, I sure would like the owner to buy an HVAC system that would likely keep our little beachside cafe a bit cooler. It’s nice because we do sell a number of ice cream options and drinks.

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