Heating at dance studio

I teach at a dance studio that gives dance instructions to kids and young adults with special needs. It is fulfilling to be able to teach the special students the unusual ways their bodies can dance. I teach a variety of dance classes. Some of the students have a form of autism that causes them to be skittish around loud noises. Last Tuesday morning I opened up my dance studio, and as I turned my air conditioning on, I realized it started making loud noises. I tried turning the thermostat control down lower, thinking that would eliminate the problem. Twenty minutes later the air conditioning was still making a bizarre noise. I knew my dancers would be affected by it in a negative way. I didn’t want to cancel class, so I decided to turn the air conditioning entirely off. I called an Heating and Air Conditioning worker, and made an appointment with him to inspect the studio cooling system. He planned to come out after my first couple classes that day. The air quality was a little on the hotter side, but every one of us got through class. I apologized to the parents, and told them about the air conditioning difficulties. They were thankful for me being so honest. The Heating and Air Conditioning worker showed up on time and looked at the air conditioner system. The Heating and Air Conditioning worker soon found the piece with an issue, and fixed it abruptly. The air conditioning was releasing quiet, cool air around again. The dance students breathed a sigh of relief, and the cool air felt great. Air conditioning is important, especially for students in a dance studio.

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