Tree wrecked air conditioner

The neighbors next door were taking down trees last weekend. I thought the whole project was too big and dangerous to try to do alone. Still, the neighbors seemed confident outside with their chainsaws, attempting to cut down some fairly impressive oak trees. My husband and I went about our daily routine and didn’t pay any attention to the neighbors. Around five o’clock, the two of us heard a loud crash come from the backyard. Both of us rushed outside and discovered a huge tree branch in our pool and on top our patio. The tree branch was so large, that it had completely wrecked our outdoor A/C condenser. The tree fell in the worst spot, right down in the middle of the A/C unit.  We could not get the A/C system to start up after that crash. My husband walked over to the neighbor and discussed how to proceed. We definitely had to contact an emergency A/C repair service to replace the outdoor A/C unit right away. We informed the neighbors that they would need to cover the damages.  We worried that we might be forced to take them to court. I was certain that the homeowners insurance would repay their costs. When I asked for the cards, they refused to give me insurance information. It cost us a bunch of money to replace the condenser, and it was from no fault of our own. Both of us also decided to invest more to have a metal cage installed around the A/C unit. That will help us from prevent trees falling on it again. During the spring and summer, we are often impacted by  wind storms.

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